The Green Island walking trail makes a mile-long series of loops through 30 acres of young pine plantation. A portion of the trail is enhanced with large and small sculptures by area artists creating a unique outdoor gallery. All artwork is labeled and available for sale and usually sized to be easily placed in a car and taken home.

Most of this garden art is made from durable metals ( copper, bronze, aluminum, or steel) and tends toward abstractions of plants and animals. Prices are as low as $10.00 for very small production pieces and range upward to $7,000 or more for the very large steel installations..

The sculpture walk is open to visitors without charge, or obligation, from June through October during daylight hours. No call is required. There is a designated parking area, and simple maps are available. Locals regularly use the trail for walking or for dog exercise, so look for the other parked cars or follow the “parking” signs