TAKE CARE is a new tool for Minnesotans to express their concern and compassion for the future of our environment. For decades its been hoped that environmentalists’ ongoing commitment, outreach, and practice would move public attention toward a deeper awareness. But, this hasn’t been enough. In fact, most individual conservation activities like recycling, water use reduction, lowering the thermostat, reducing energy consumption, sustainable gardening, bicycling, etc, are nearly invisible to an outside eye....making leading by
example impractical. What, today, is needed is a visible means for promoting environmental awareness freed from any early tendency toward guilt and demands.

This is TAKE CARE.

TAKE CARE originated in 2010 as a public art project supported by Legacy Amendment funding awarded and supervised by the Five Wings Arts Council and Forecast Public Art. Its inspiration came from the stunningly original Pachamama clause (mother earth clause) added to the Ecuadorian constitution in 2008 and ratified by that country’s people. This move came at nearly the same time as Minnesota’s own
landmark vote on the Legacy Amendment where we pledged to generate extra funding for environmental conservation and cultural heritage. By this amendment Minnesotans effectively strengthened environmental research and programming . Still, it felt as though we could learn from the more personal and humane touch of the Pachamama movement. Therefore, TAKE CARE began with an idea to engage the arts in creating a more soul-filled answer ... the pledge of a new fellowship with nature.

The various artistic expressions of the Take Care project were created by 8 Minnesota artists over a two year period. The brief Take Care statement itself was defined, refined, and compressed through layers of feedback from advisors and the public. In fact, the
project’s early listening stage held at state conferences, writers groups, and environmental groups generated input from over 300 Minnesotans. The result of this is a condensed and simple lyric which highlights a new environmental compassion as it needs to be lived, today. We each must now involve ourselves more personally and more seriously in the future.

TAKE CARE is a first of its kind. It gives a public voice to all Minnesotans who understand the impact of personal actions on the beauty and livability of our state. As its signs appear across the landscape they send outward ripples of deeper awareness
and personal stewardship.

To understand more about the fears for today's environment, click here.

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