TAKE CARE is a tool for Minnesotans to express their concern and compassion for the future of our environment. It began as a Legacy Amendment funded public art project in service to the Minnesota landscape and the preservation of its resource. From broad public input a group of Minnesota artists built this vision of fellowship with the environment. It is intentionally made available in conventional forms such as cards, signs, and posters so that everyone can participate in spreading a hopeful and helpful message for our future.

All Take Care art and materials continue on a cost-only basis through 2015 to spread the message.

For orders contact Kent Scheer at rscheer@charter.net or (218) 631-3084. Payment can be made by Paypal, check, or cash.
Take Care imagery is open source for all Minnesota environmental groups, citizens’ groups, and non-profit applications.
None may be used for commercial purposes.
The TAKE CARE garden sign is a vibrantly colorful 8.5" by 12" weatherproof sign intended for outdoor posting in smaller-sized spaces and places. The graphics are by artist Joe Heffron with major text by poet David Bengtson. Ideal locations for this sign would be a garden gate, a green business foyer, a dock on a naturalized lakeshore, a food coop counter, etc.

Individual signs, with shipping, are $16.50 each.

Lots of ten (for clubs or neighborhoods), including shipping, cut the costs to only $9.00 each.
The TAKE CARE greeting card is from an original work by photographer Janet Crouch printed in a 4.25" by 5.5" size.

Ten cards with envelopes are $10.00 and include shipping. Cards are also available individually and free at Take Care events.

The TAKE CARE micro-poster is on cardstock and 7.5" tall. It contains a QR code which directs readers quickly to more information on the project and our environment.

Fifty piece lots are available to libraries, publishers, and institutions as bookmarks at no cost.

Individual Minnesotan’s can request them simply by including an SASE.

Green Island
850 Scheer Drive NE
Wadena, MN 56482
The TAKE CARE fencerow sign is 24" square and sized to be visible from the road much like American Tree Farm signs in the countryside. It is completely durable and weatherproof outdoors and retains full color richness for at least five years. This sign features a QR code to direct people to information about its purpose, and the environment.

Individual signs are available by order at $40 each with an emphasis on personal delivery or pick up. Funding is being sought to defray production costs and make these signs more affordable.
The TAKE CARE mini-poster is an attractive and inexpensive contemporary paper piece 11" in height, created by collage artist Amber Fletschock. It is ideal for workstations, home cork-boards, food coop bulletin boards, etc.


They are available for $12.00 in lots of 10 ( including shipping ), or free at TAKE CARE

The MY Worth broadsheets are a limited-edition, collaborative work of remarkable skill measuring 9.5" by 17". Poet Todd Boss created the original poem to present a new, personal environmentalism now invested with a sense of joy.

Artist Marian Lansky of Kenspeckle Letter Press designed her formats to suit the traditional craft of small press production. Then Janelle Miller inked and pulled impressions according to time-honored standards. This is personal and collectable, for those who admire verse and craft.

The broadsheets are for interior display and should be framed for protection. At $12.50, plus packing and shipping, each is offered at 1/4 of its value simply to spread this