Now at Green Island from 9 AM to 9 PM daily and throughout the winter as
weather permits. This is a unique opportunity to sample a very popular,
traditional Scandavavian pastime at no cost. No specialized equipment is
needed beyond the three sled sizes available. Come prepared for a leasurely
outing with warm clothes, a snack, and friends. Then, stop along the way to
visit, birdwatch, or relax.

Free Community Kicksledding is supported by Wadena Public health and
Operation Round up as one way to introduce today's children and young
families to outdoor winter recreation. There are enough sleds racked
outdoors for 5 adults and 5 children at one time. Small groups of adults are
equally welcome .

This is a very simple sport accessable to all ages. No need to rush through
the trails. Start slowly and even walk up slopes until you get the feel.
With time you will discover simple tricks to make it faster. In fact, the
worst conditions for skiing make the fastest days for kicksledding. This is
especially true at the end of winter when the snow is crusted or even turned
to ice.

You are welcome to call ahead to ask about trail conditions or the number of
sleds currently available..... (218) 631-3084

A little word on kicksledding ...